MX Solutions Suite

MX is a real time process management software system. Its powerful, highly functional modules allow users to develop and configure enterprise solutions and at the same time get the benefits of the product based solution.

MX can be configured to model advanced, multi-agency work and operations management solutions. Program managers, contractors and other third party suppliers can be involved in the process simply by accessing the relevant steps. This allows all elements of planning, approval, tracking and monitoring of work to be managed effectively.

MX can operate as the single software solution or combine with existing systems in an integrated manner to control and monitor all aspects of the operation.

MX Core Modules

Work Scheduling and Co-ordination

A comprehensive, real time work planning and scheduling system providing the ability to manage major work programmes across agencies and departments, and to respond effective to changes from the field.

Process and Workflow Management

A powerful and flexible real time enterprise process management component allows MX to control all aspects of the work and ensure that appropriate procedures are applied and governance is enforced. This feature is fully integrated with other key system features such as project scheduling, resource and communications management. Variant process can automatically be applied to deal with the special cases that will often arise.

Asset and Inspections Management

MX provides flexible asset management module that allows users to develop and maintain their own asset management applications. This includes the facilities for all relevant maintenance and inspection regimes and covers planned and unplanned inspections, data capture, form filling, reporting, alerting and performance management.

Resource Management

MX includes a central repository to manage all resource requirements: workforce, financial, budgetary and materials. This flexible module provides a wide range of work planning and scheduling functions including appointment scheduling, field inspections, performance reporting, contractor management, invoicing and billing functions.

Communications Management

All management aspects of operational communications from progress and briefing reports to e-mails and SMS alerts are provided to ensure that all parties have the information specific to their role and any requirements for escalation are handled appropriately.

Geo-Spatial Operation Management

Many of the solutions that MX addresses have a significant spatial component. To provide this important user function MX has a fully integrated Geographical Information System. This allows for the display and user interaction with all relevant system features through the map interface.

Data Capture and Reporting

All relevant systems data, including user operations can be recorded through a highly configurable module. A full reporting module provides the ability to produce a wide range of performance reports. These can be produced in a variety of formats compatible with Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc.

MX - Benefits to Customers
  • Improved operations planning, co-ordination and training
  • Single system for planned and unplanned work
  • Better program and response management
  • Improved strategic and tactical operational information and control
  • Improved inter-agency liaison and communications management
  • Improved governance and information management
  • Improved financial/budgetary management and accounting
  • Reduced administration and reporting costs