The Procemx team has in-depth delivery experience in a wide range of markets with a particular focus in the following:

Utilities and Telecoms

  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Work and Workforce Management Solutions
  • Connections Management Systems
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Data Collection Systems

Environmental and Renewables

  • Sampling and Materials Management
  • Carbon Accounting and Management
  • Renewable Energy Management

Logistics, Asset, Operations and Infrastructure Management

  • Database Management Systems
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Property Management Systems
  • Operations and Inspections Systems

Works, Maintenance and Construction Management

  • Work Management
  • Process Control Software
  • Permits Management

Customer Contact Centres

  • Call Handling Systems
  • Intelligent Speech Recognition-based Processing Systems
  • Dialler/Switch/IVR systems integration
  • Agent statistics and performance management data collection
  • Agent data integration

Emergency Operations

  • Command Planning
  • Emergency Response Management
  • First Responder Support Systems