our expertise

Intelligent Systems Software

Our customers typically face demands to improve operating performance through the provision of increased levels of automated decision support across many areas of their business. This includes intelligent diagnosis, enterprise process management, improved situation assessment and complex resource / task scheduling. Our core skills in the mathematical and Artificial Intelligence techniques that underpin the solutions to these types of problem have been vital to our success. Our ability to develop systems that exploit these techniques in an effective and practical manner allows us to succeed where many others have struggled.

Product Development and Management

Using our extensive experience in Product Development and Management we have successfully completed a number of products for use and re-sale by our customers. This has ranged from custom development through to joint developments of new products for delivery by partners.

Consultancy and Business Analysis

All our products and solutions are used to support and improve the quality of the performance of a human ‘operator’ working in an integrated environment. We are firmly focused on user-centric design, achieving high levels of usability and real operational value. The inclusion of experienced, professional Human Factors staff, experienced consultants and Business Analysts at the heart of our team demonstrates our understanding of this crucial aspect.

Project Management Services

Procemx can provide all necessary Project Management services. Alternatively we can work under your systems integrator / prime contractor, or directly with the end customer organisation.

Systems Integration

As part of our systems integration services we will deploy our own solutions in an integrated environment and complete the installation and interfaces to 3rd party and in-house solutions. We have significant experience of modern, standards-based integration and a strong track record of successful, efficient integration to legacy systems.