With offices in New York and Headquarters in the UK and a strong reputation for the implementation of successful solutions to multi-enterprise applications, Procemx are widely viewed as a highly valued product based solutions partner. Specialising in deploying real time intelligent, integrated solutions using our proven MX Enterprise Operations Management product, our highly functional, configurable solution enables customers to efficiently achieve the benefits of a custom solution yet do this within the timescales and costs of a product based solution.


Our aim is to quickly and effectively deliver high value solutions that have clear, sustainable business benefits to our customers. By using our configurable MX product suite we help customers manage and improve their business processes. We consistently do this with a quality and flexibility that helps to ensure that our customers can and do expand the use of our system as their business changes and new business needs emerge.

Market Sectors

Our proven solutions delivery experience spans a wide range of sectors including utilities, asset and infrastructure management, public sector, defence and finance.


At Procemx we have a diverse range of clients. Our success in attracting business across the world and in the continued success with repeat and referred business based upon proven delivery clearer demonstrates the value we are delivering to our customers.


Combined with the quality in our MX product, our proven partnership approach to work and our commitment to delivery and success remains a cornerstone our expanding business.